Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Attorney and 6 time Georgia Super Lawyer Cory Yager. The criminal law attorney in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area travels the entire state of Georgia to defend those in need of zealous, aggressive legal representation. Let the ex-police office be your legal warrior. He is now co-author of The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, starting with the 2023 edition.

By: Criminal Justice Attorney Cory E. Yager, Former Law Enforcement Officer in Georgia, Criminal Defense Attorney and National Legal Book Co-Author at a 3-Partner Firm of Top-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers

Occasionally, visitors and residents run afoul of the law and need expert legal advice. When that happens, an Atlanta criminal attorney will likely be needed to help you fight or at least mitigate your criminal offense. Google search results show that many will type out “top lawyers in atlanta,” or “criminal defense lawyer in atlanta, ga,” or “top criminal defense attorneys in atlanta.”

The police have decades of experience, as well as having prosecutors, investigators, and experts, on their side. The State of Georgia can always outspend you at trial, since their crime lab experts are already on the State payroll. Yet, in our criminal defense cases, our expert witnesses will have credentials and experience levels beyond the work record of these State experts.

The only way to level the playing field is to retain a seasoned criminal defense attorney who understands this complicated legal process. The owners of this website want to explain our approach to aggressively and successfully handling such legal matters. Only with years of experience in your corner can you obtain a strategic defense approach and benefit from their expert knowledge of the laws.

Eight and a half decades of cumulative legal experience will give you the advantage. In addition, all three partners are nationally published criminal law book co-authors of articles and books, mostly as DUI defense attorneys. As you learn below, you can talk to one of our legal warriors at no cost, in your free consultation lawyer initial case review.

Criminal Defense Attorney and 6 time Georgia Super Lawyer Cory Yager. The criminal law attorney in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area travels the entire state of Georgia to defend those in need of zealous, aggressive legal representation. Let the ex-police office be your legal warrior. He is now co-author of The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, starting with the 2023 edition.

A Substantial Part of our Legal Cases are Pending Within a 30-Mile Radius of the Capitol Gold Dome

The Peach State is a transportation hub and is a tourist attraction. It is also where the Governor and the Legislature oversee law-making each year, at the iconic capitol dome, with the gold mined in Dahlonega, GA over a century ago.

The Georgia Aquarium is a world-class tourist destination. Six Flags over Georgia is back up and running, after COVID concerns lessened. People still want to stand atop Stone Mountain. All this tourism and people celebrating something leads to many arrests for motor vehicle crimes and other criminal offenses, and a criminal lawyer is needed.

Sports are a huge part of Atlanta tourism, with its fabulous sports venues. With the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta United FC soccer, Atlanta Hawks pro basketball, the Atlanta Falcons football team, the SEC championship game, the annual college football kickoff game and the College Football Hall of Fame, the town is “on fire” for sports.

The Atlanta History Center in downtown Atlanta provides one of America’s best civil rights memorabilia displays. The list of notables includes works of C.T. Vivian, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the late Congressman John Lewis, Joseph Lowery, and Andrew Young.

The one-of-a-kind Cyclorama was restored, and reopened February 22, 2019, and is more vivid and spectacular than before. Being able to visit all these historic sites plus attend a pro football, basketball, soccer, or baseball game makes Atlanta, Georgia a mecca for family trips.

Our legal professionals have been named multiple times to Best Law Firms in America by U.S. News and World Report. In addition, Mr. Head has been named Georgia's top DUI lawyer by various rating services and publications. Mr. Kohn and Mr. Head have multiple inclusiong on Best Lawyers in America for the State of Georgia. Mr. Yager has been top rated by America's older legal directory, Martindale-Hubbell, for over a decade.

Our Atlanta criminal justice lawyers in Georgia provide top-notch representation. When you face criminal charges, hiring defense lawyers with stellar legal advocate ratings is the first step. In addition, your criminal defender must have a client-first focus.

Our legal service professionals provide the exceptional legal representation you need, for misdemeanor charges and felony charges. Put your trust in the top Atlanta criminal defense law attorneys here at Criminal Defense Matters.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Georgia: The Best Criminal Lawyers in GA

William C. Head, criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA has over 50 different annual recognitions for Mr. Head, top-rated attorney criminal law, and his criminal law firm being one of the State of Georgia’s top criminal defense lawyers. What most people discover is that from the best criminal lawyers in Atlanta the best criminal lawyer in Georgia is identified.

A few of the many legal books on DUI and criminal law legal issues. All three of our law partners are nationally published co-authors or authors of Law Books for other litigation attorneys as well as for a client's reading level.

Are there other top criminal lawyers in Georgia that also deserve this recognition? Absolutely, you can find many contenders for being an award-winning criminal defense attorney GA, and our partners know who those outstanding Georgia criminal defense professionals (in various cities) are. All three of the authors of this article are now nationally published legal book co-authors.

While a DUI conviction can be devastating, cases involving serious injury by vehicle or vehicular homicide GA cases are serious felony cases. To understand how valuable this type of approach can be in a felony vehicular homicide Georgia case, consider that instead of a maximum of 12 months in custody on a misdemeanor DUI, 15 years per death or serious injury is Georgia’s potential punishment.

Motor vehicle crimes can happen to ANYONE. When you face a potential license suspension from a DUI arrest, quick action to beat the 30-day deadline to act is critical. Through knowledge of the administrative license suspension process, our advice can help you decide if an IID (ignition interlock device) should be put on your vehicle, or to take a DDS GA appeal.

In criminal prosecutions, the accused citizen needs tenacious representation to fight the State of Georgia. Our award-winning criminal attorneys, crime lawyer Larry Kohn, attorney criminal defense Cory Yager and Board-Certified DUI lawyer GA Bubba Head, understand what is on the line for you and your family.

Criminal lawyers near me in the Atlanta, Georgia area travel statewide on all felony or misdemeanor cases, including drug possession, trafficking drugs, manufacturing drugs, growing weed, domestic violence, hit and run, reckless driving, first offense DUI (or any other repeat offense),

Don’t just select an attorney for criminal defense from a lawyer directory. Not all attorneys at law are rated to be one of the Peach State’s best. Many In rural parts of the state) think that they must hire a local DUI lawyer. If you retain one of our criminal law lawyers, we always associate with a nearby legal professional in your community, with no extra cost to you.

Be aware that until a fee contract is signed and agreed upon, no attorney client relationship exists between you and the criminal law attorney helping you answer preliminary questions.

When our prior clients call us for a personal injury case or divorce and family law issues, we gladly direct them to a highly qualified legal firm to help them on those cases. Yet, our criminal lawyers get hundreds of calls each year for arrests involving domestic violence, and these are cases that our legal professional excel at, in criminal court proceedings.

Likewise, although our 3 misdemeanor or felony  lawyers criminal justice specialists, have handled cases in federal courts, on such cases we bring in a former federal prosecutor to defend these important cases. Keeping an eye on the objective of providing the highest quality legal representation is our guiding light.

Our Law Firm’s Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys Near Me

In 2023, all three law partners will co-author the 1600-page Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual. The original edition was written and self-published by Mr. Head in 1995. Now, the world’s largest law book publisher sells this top-selling GA DUI book.

The 2023 edition of this "must have" guide to Georgia DUI laws will be co-authored by Larry Kohn, William Head and Cory Yager. The prior co-author, former associate attorney Frank T. Gomez unexpectedly passed away December 27, 2021.

Our lawyers for criminal defense in Georgia travel statewide for our criminal cases and can offer a range of fee levels and flexible payment plans to suit any budget. Contact us anytime to schedule an attorney near me FREE lawyer consultation and allow us to answer questions that are bothering you.

Our 24-hour lawyers in Atlanta Georgia will speak to you at all hours of the day or night. Why not put your trust in our skilled lawyers for criminal cases near me, and will travel to any Georgia court location?

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