Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Attorney and 6 time Georgia Super Lawyer Cory Yager. The criminal law attorney in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area travels the entire state of Georgia to defend those in need of zealous, aggressive legal representation. Let the ex-police office be your legal warrior. He is now co-author of The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, starting with the 2023 edition.

By: Criminal Justice Attorney Cory E. Yager, Former Law Enforcement Officer in Georgia, at a Criminal Lawyer Office Near Me & Legal Book Co-Author and Partner in One of the Top Law Firms in Atlanta for Criminal Defense Litigation

Occasionally, visitors and residents run afoul of the law and need expert legal advice. In such circumstances, you will probably require the assistance of an Atlanta criminal lawyer to either challenge the accused crimes or at least lessen your criminal charges. If you are trying to narrow down the best criminal defense legal advocates in Atlanta for felony or misdemeanor criminal defense, including traffic crimes (e.g., a DUI case), read further.

The 2023 edition of The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual is co-authored by Cory Yager, Larry Kohn and Willaim C. Head, who originally self-published the book and distributed it in 1995.

In Search of the Best criminal lawyers in Atlanta Georgia. In seeking the best criminal defense attorneys near me, Google search results show that many accused citizens will type out “best lawyers in atlanta,” “criminal attorney near me,” or “criminal defense lawyer in atlanta, ga,” or “top criminal defense attorneys in atlanta.” The paid ads (“sponsored”) and top headshots displayed in Google or Bing search results in no way guarantees quality attorneys in Atlanta Georgia.

The police have decades of experience, as well as having prosecutors (e.g., the District Attorney), investigators, and experts supporting their side. The State of Georgia can always outspend you at trial, since their crime lab experts are already on the State payroll. Yet, in our criminal defense cases, our expert witnesses will have top credentials and vast experience levels beyond the work record of these State experts.

The only way to level the playing field is to retain a seasoned criminal defense attorney who understands this complicated legal process. The owners of this website want to explain our approach to aggressively and successfully handling such legal matters. Only with years of experience in your corner can you obtain a strategic defense approach and benefit from their expert knowledge of the laws.

Best DUI attorneys near me with 89 years of collective Georgia DUI defense under their belts. Atlanta DUI lawyer former cop Cory Yager and Georgia DUI attorney Bubba Head have won thousands of DUI cases, mostly by getting cases reduced.

Having roughly 9 decades of cumulative legal experience provides our Atlanta attorneys with an advantage for our clients. All three partners are co-authors of articles and books on criminal law, mainly for DUI defense attorneys.

As you learn below, you can talk to one of our legal warriors at no cost, in your free consultation lawyer initial case review in felony or misdemeanor cases. William C. Head, a nationally famous criminal lawyer in the field of DUI defense, trained both other partners, who have spent their entire careers working with and learning from Mr. Head, since each was in law school.

Many web searchers will notice that our Firm’s practice areas are limited to criminal defense. With offices in Fulton County, and Cobb County, an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer from our law group can handle probation revocation, DUI court or defend you in Court as best drug lawyers near me. You won’t see other practice fields like personal injury or family law on our “criminal law only” site.

A Substantial Part of Our Legal Cases Are Pending Within a 30-Mile Radius of the Capitol Gold Dome

The Peach State is a transportation hub with multiple interstate highways crisscrossing its metro counties. Plus, the Atlanta area is a tourist attraction, second only to Florida in the deep south.

Atlanta is also where the Governor and the Legislature oversee law-making each year, at the iconic capitol dome, with the gold mined in Dahlonega, GA over a century ago. In polls identifying the best law firms in Atlanta,

The Georgia Aquarium is a world-class tourist destination. Six Flags over Georgia is going strong after COVID fears subsided. People still want to stand atop Stone Mountain. All this tourism and people celebrating something leads to many arrests for motor vehicle crimes and other criminal offenses, and a criminal lawyer is needed.

Metro Atlanta is a popular tourist destination due to its numerous sports teams and venues. The Atlanta History Center showcases a collection of civil rights memorabilia, including various types of artworks by notable figures.

Atlanta, Georgia is a great place for family trips. You can visit historic sites and watch professional football, basketball, soccer, or baseball games. The Cyclorama was restored and reopened on February 22, 2019. It became even more impressive.

Our legal professionals have been named multiple times to Best Law Firms in America by U.S. News and World Report. In addition, Mr. Head has been named Georgia's top DUI lawyer by various rating services and publications. Mr. Kohn and Mr. Head have multiple inclusiong on Best Lawyers in America for the State of Georgia. Mr. Yager has been top rated by America's older legal directory, Martindale-Hubbell, for over a decade.

Our Atlanta criminal justice lawyers in Georgia provide top-notch representation. When you face criminal charges, misdemeanor, or felony, hiring Atlanta criminal defense lawyers with stellar attorney ratings is the first step.

In addition, your criminal defender must have a client-first focus. Our Atlanta lawyers regularly defend these 10 important legal topics relating to pending criminal charges or past criminal charges:

Our legal service professionals provide the exceptional legal representation you need, for misdemeanor charges and felony charges. Put your trust in the top Atlanta criminal defense law attorneys here at Criminal Defense Matters.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Georgia: The Best Criminal Lawyers in GA

William C. Head, criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA has over 50 different annual recognitions for the nationally known Peach State Lawyer. His law firm, with 3 Atlanta lawyers, has long been known as a top-rated office for criminal defense. A GACDL life member, and a NACDL life member, he is known nationally and internationally for being one of the best criminal attorneys in Atlanta Georgia.

What most people discover is that by finding the Atlanta Georgia lawyers who are the best criminal attorneys in Georgia also is being identified. Our lawyers specialize in criminal defense, including death penalty cases. We also handle misdemeanor charges, domestic violence arrests, and TPO hearings.

In 2023, our three law partners co-authored the Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, and have co-authored other national legal books.

Are there other top criminal lawyers in Georgia that also deserve this recognition? Yes, there are many excellent criminal defense attorneys in Georgia, and our partners know who they are in different cities. All three authors of this article have written books together for Thomson-Reuters, the biggest legal book publisher in the country.

A DUI conviction can be catastrophic, but cases related to severe injury by vehicle or vehicular homicide GA are grave felony cases. When confronted with the possibility of lengthy prison sentences, it’s crucial to have a nearby vehicular homicide lawyer with a history of exceptional outcomes.

Consider the significance of this strategy in a Georgia felony vehicular homicide case. Instead of a maximum sentence of 12 months in jail for a misdemeanor DUI, Georgia’s potential penalty is 15 years in prison for each death or serious injury.

ANYONE can be pulled over for motor vehicle offenses. If you’re dealing with a possible license suspension due to a DUI arrest, it’s crucial to act swiftly to meet the 30-day response deadline. With our understanding of the administrative license suspension procedure, we can guide you in determining whether to install an IID (ignition interlock device) in your car, or to pursue a DDS GA appeal.

If you are accused of a crime in Georgia, you need a strong lawyer to help you. Bubba Head has put together a team of skilled lawyers who have won awards. They understand the importance of your case and will fight for you. They include Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, and Bubba Head himself, who is an expert in DUI cases. They will support you and your family.

Criminal lawyers near me in the Atlanta, Georgia area travel statewide on all felony or misdemeanor cases, including drug possession, trafficking drugs, manufacturing drugs, growing weed, domestic violence, hit and run, reckless driving, first offense DUI (or any other repeat offense),

Don’t just select an attorney for criminal defense from a lawyer directory. Not all attorneys at law are rated to be one of the Peach State’s best drug defense lawyers near me, for example.

Our Law Firm’s Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys Near Me

In 2023, all three law partners are co-authoring the 1400-page Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual. Mr. Head wrote and self-published the original edition in 1995. Now, the world’s largest law book publisher (Thomson-Reuters) sells this top-selling GA DUI book.

Our law partners are the co-authors of the 2023 Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, a 1400 page guide to all Georgia case law and statutes.

Our lawyers for criminal defense in Georgia travel statewide for our criminal cases and can offer a range of fee levels and flexible payment plans to suit any budget. Whether you need best assault lawyers near me or extremely good drug lawyers near me, our 3 advocates for criminal law near me are ready to fight for you.

Contact us anytime to schedule an attorney near me FREE lawyer consultation and allow us to answer questions that are bothering you. Legal fee payment plans are usually able to be accommodated.

Our 24-hour lawyers in Atlanta Georgia will speak to you at all hours of the day or night. Why not put your trust in our skilled lawyers for criminal cases near me, and will travel to any Georgia court location?

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