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By: Cory E. Yager, Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta GA, Legal Book author and Ex-Law Enforcement Officer in Georgia for Nearly a Decade

Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers

Find the Best Atlanta Criminal Lawyer After Your Georgia Arrest

Being arrested, cuffed, booked and charged with a criminal offense is a dehumanizing experience. By being herded like cattle into a pen and then offered inedible, disgusting food as little as twice a day only increases the detained person’s anxiety and extends this nightmare experience. The embarrassment and humiliation of calling someone to bail you out and post bond for your accused criminal law violation deepens this experience greatly, because the person you must call upon to assist with a bail bond are loved ones or close personal friends.

Atlanta Criminal Attorney

The crimes for which our law office’s criminal justice attorneys get hired are felony crimes, or life-altering misdemeanor offenses like hit and run, domestic violence, drug possession, driving under the influence (DUI) or other complex criminal cases. The Georgia DUI statute 40 6 391 is both complex and is ranked Number 2 among America’s most punitive drunk driving laws.

This includes felony homicide by vehicle, or the felony offense of causing serious bodily injury in a car accident based on you committing SERIOUS driving offenses, like reckless driving, drunk driving or leaving the scene of an accident (hit & run).

The partners at our criminal attorney Atlanta GA office also handle non-traffic crimes like prostitution, sex crimes, sexting, possession of weed with intent to distribute, simple assault, possession of marijuana less than an ounce. If our lawyers in Atlanta accept your Georgia criminal case, our game plan is to assert ALL criminal defenses and fight at every available opportunity to IMPROVE your case outcome.

Using Medical Analogy to Explain the Difference in Top-Rated Criminal Defense Attorneys and Average Lawyers

Hundreds of times, and particularly with alleged violations of Georgia DUI laws, accused clients have asked us, “Should I just TAKE MY MEDICINE and plead guilty?” Fear of the unknown is usually the culprit for negative thinking here, but some of the people accused of crimes in Georgia are JUST NOT FIGHTERS.

The trauma and personal self-loathing that follows a citizen’s arrest often interferes with the thought processes of many accused people for days or weeks following their arrest. Many potential clients have told our law firm’s criminal defense lawyers (during their initial client interview) that they “felt GUILTY” from their jail experience. Well over half of all persons arrested try to self-assess their chances of “beating” the serious criminal charges that are currently pending against them.

To debunk this way of thinking, think about how people approach medical problems as you assess how you will approach your criminal case. Take (for example) a DUI in Georgia first offense, which can NEVER be removed from your criminal history. How can you NOT FIGHT to eliminate these lifetime DUI consequences?

Much like a person being diagnosed with a serious or potentially fatal disease (e.g., diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure), some people just GIVE UP on fighting their disease, and often will shun taking the doctor’s prescribed medication to offset the harmful effects of their disease. Our three criminal defense lawyers in Atlanta call these folks “quitters.”

Not Everyone Can Afford the Best Georgia Criminal Defense Attorneys

Some people cannot afford a top-level, private criminal defense attorney in Atlanta and are relegated to seeking a court-appointed lawyer. Public defenders are FREE criminal defense lawyers that EVERY criminal court must offer to those who are facing criminal charges. The right to counsel is part of the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution.

The “quitters” I mentioned above oftentimes wonder if they may be eligible for a free, court-appointed attorney, to save them money for their guilty plea. Others, who have a good chance of winning their cases, COULD find a way to hire the best Atlanta lawyer for their case (e.g., attorneys fee payment plan), decide to “roll the dice” and “hedge their bet” by picking one of the “cheap criminal lawyers near me” or maybe hiring their second cousin’s brother-in-law who just became a Georgia attorney last Summer, since he will charge virtually nothing. He’s a LAWYER, right?

Other “quitters” move forward by creating a list of attorneys near me and go down their list, and then sequentially calling law offices and asking, “How much do your attorneys CHARGE for a ___________ case?” If you are one of these morons, who thinks that all criminal defense lawyers are some generic ITEM, like boxes of Oreos at Walmart, do NOT call our office!

Compare this moronic way of thinking to the medical field. Just think if your child, spouse, mother or father was given a dire medical prognosis, and told that he or she likely his 2 to 3 years to live. Is THIS “price check” sequential phone call method the “due diligence” process YOU would use to find the best medical specialist? If so, then OUR LAW FIRM’S ATTORNEYS WILL NOT BE YOUR LAWYERS! Our high-awarded crime attorneys are not mediocre, cheap or average, in any way.

How and Why Our Law Office Was Built for FIGHTERS

The best lawyers in Atlanta are not commodities or products off a grocery shelf. Our law group is a team of highly-credentials, experienced FIGHTERS for our clients. Our firm’s attorneys have some of the top ratings for attorneys in Georgia, regardless of practice area.

Other people that are smart know that the best medical professionals at the best hospitals CAN find treatment or remediation solutions. These citizens immediately start their research on finding the best physician or surgeon to help them ATTACK their medical malady. News reports of astonishing new treatment methods and cures or development of cutting-edge methods for extending patients’ lives are routinely announced.

Others REGROUP and resolve to FIGHT their case, seeking an acquittal, a reduction of the most serious offenses to a manageable alternative, negotiated plea, or to go to trial to have a jury decide their case. For this battle, just like fighting cancer, you need top Atlanta criminal lawyers guiding your path.

BE ADVISED: All Georgia Traffic Tickets Are Crimes, Felony or Misdemeanor

Plus, EVERY traffic ticket in Georgia is a misdemeanor (at a minimum) and some traffic code crimes like first degree vehicular homicide GA [O.C.G.A. 40-6-393] and serious injury by vehicle in the first degree [O.C.G.A. 40-6-394]. Some traffic offenses are minor crimes, and people worry more about “points on my record” or increased car insurance costs.

If you want to hire a mediocre, average or cheap lawyer, let Google find that bargain basement Bar member for you by typing targeted searches for like: “cheap DUI lawyers near me,” or “cheapest marijuana possession criminal defense attorneys near me,” or “cheap Atlanta criminal lawyers near me.” If you insist on pleading guilty, DON’T CALL US!

Our criminal attorney Atlanta GA law office is set up to do ONE THING: Fight for our Clients. If you are a fighter, READ FURTHER. If you want a low-cost attorney in Georgia who is wearing knee pads (for begging a Prosecutor for mercy), ask Google to find him or her for you.

A Georgia Criminal Charge Is Like a Legal Disease

Choosing a criminal attorney in Georgia is much like choosing a physician. If you were suddenly diagnosed with cancer, you would seek out the most qualified, most experienced doctor who could diagnose the problem and help you avoid the severe consequences associated with that disease. Why not take the same approach with a GA criminal charge?

A criminal conviction, like cancer, can follow you forever and cause problems at home and in the workplace. It can affect your ability to travel, gain employment, and secure financial aid for higher education. A conviction will impact just about every aspect of your life, and it is in your best interest to seek out the very best legal counsel you can to help avoid these long-term negative consequences.

Our Law Firm’s Major Legal Practice Areas

Or you may feel wrongly accused of one or more of these misdemeanor or felony criminal offenses, as listed below. Each year, our lawyers in north central Georgia represent clients by defending them for criminal charges for these (and other) crimes:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Battery
  • Conspiracy
  • Domestic Violence [Family Violence]
  • Drug Crimes [Possession, Trafficking, Possession with Intent to Distribute]
  • DUI-Drugs and DUI-Alcohol
  • Hit and Run [40-6-270]
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • License Suspension with Georgia DDS (GA DMV)
  • Pandering
  • Possession of Weed or Paraphernalia
  • Prostitution
  • Reckless Driving GA [40-6-390]
  • Robbery
  • Simple Assault
  • Solicitation
  • Shoplifting
  • Speeding Tickets and Super Speeder GA Offenses (Traffic Violations)
  • Theft Charges such as Theft by Deception, Theft or Services and Credit Card Theft

Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers Who Understand

The overwhelming stress that stems from a criminal charge can touch every area of your life, affecting your career, your household, and your personal and professional relationships. At Atlanta criminal defense law firm Kohn & Yager, LLC our criminal attorneys understand the emotional impact that can come from a criminal allegation, and our law partners are ready to help you through this troubling time.

Your Side of the Story Matters the Most

As with stories, two sides exist in every criminal case. Accusers and police officers have their side, and you and your criminal defense advocates have yours. At Kohn & Yager, our job is to present your side of the story to the court, along with written motions to suppress illegally-obtained evidence. Our legal advisors know which fact witnesses and expert witnesses will be necessary at motion hearings or at trial to support an acquittal or a dismissal or a reduction of the charges.

Compassion Comes First

No matter what crime you have been charged with, our defense attorneys will help you through this stressful time and work to get your life back to normal. Even if you don’t hire us, you deserve to be treated with dignity by a criminal defense attorney from our law firm who truly cares.

Once hired, our Atlanta attorneys help our clients obtain favorable rulings by listening to them and identifying with their stories, which we then convey to the judge or jury. We operate from a place of empathy and humanity, listening to our clients’ feelings, needs, and fears and treating them the way we would want to be treated if the tables were turned.

AVVO Rating Cory Yager

Collectively, our 3 Super Lawyers have over 73 years of collective legal service and over 570 5-Star AVVO LAWYER RATINGS. Plus, check out our Martindale-Hubbell and Best Lawyers in America credentials.

How Our GA Criminal Defense Law Firm Wins Tough Cases That Other Criminal Law Attorneys Don’t

The secret to winning is to know more about the case than the other side, including the state prosecutor and the police officer who arrested you. This includes finding a way to win by finding where “the smoking gun” or “a crack in the armor.” Meticulous investigation and preparation during our representation of clients always results in the best defense legally available in our lawyers’ criminal cases in the State of Georgia.

It is our attorneys’ job to (a) assert all criminal defenses available, under your case facts, by filing pre-trial motions and challenges to the State’s evidence against you; (b) knowing the law at the highest knowledge and experience level by being legal book authors and delivering legal presentations at seminars for the benefit of public defenders and other criminal justice lawyers in state and national seminars; and (c)

Cory Yager, Bubba Head, and Larry Kohn

Our criminal lawyers in Atlanta GA treat every case as if it is going to a jury trial. This means interviewing all key witnesses, investigating any crime scene evidence, and being ready for anything the Georgia prosecution may throw at us.

As you consider your choice for criminal lawyers in Atlanta GA, remember that Partner William C. Head is NCDD Board Certified in DUI Defense by the National College for DUI Defense, which only applies to 1 in 1000 DUI-DWI lawyers in America. Bubba Head also wrote his first legal book, 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction, in 1991, of How to Beat a DUI. Over 85% of all currently-practicing DUI lawyers in GA were not even practicing attorneys in 1991!

“Guilty” is NOT in Our Georgia Criminal Defense Playbook

Many of our competitors approach their law firm “model” differently. Some are high-volume “mills” where the average case takes the attorneys less than 5 hours of their time for a low fee that is quoted at being under $3000. Others talk about their past legal experience being a prosecutor and want to get your credit card without even meeting you in person.

Neither of these approaches is part of our business model. Our lawyers’ job from Day 1 is to uncover errors made by the police during and after your arrest for allegedly breaking the law in Georgia. Our attorneys challenge the legality of traffic stops, bogus “field sobriety test” evidence, or illegal police frisks that detect drugs.

For DUI checkpoints, our defense lawyers comb through the published protocols of the sponsoring police department that authorized the checkpoint to see if the necessary approvals (at a supervisory, law enforcement level) were in place to assure that the roadblocks’ purposes were set forth and followed at the “programmatic level.

When discussing case facts with our criminal law firm in Atlanta, some clients may only vaguely remember being arrested, and shudder when they recall how poorly they thought they performed on the so-called NHTSA standardized field sobriety tests (SFST). The VOLUNTARY field tests have been debunked by true experts yet have been in use since 1984. Your best response to the officer is to not take any of the roadside tests, including the HGN eye test or VGN (vertical gaze nystagmus) test and portable breathalyzer test, after being pulled over for DUI.

Bubba Head DUI Lawyer

One of our law partners, Bubba Head, has recognized nationally as the top Atlanta DUI lawyer by Best Lawyers in America in 2012 and 2017. More significantly, in 2003, the National College of DUI Defense VOTED, and named him America’s best DUI attorney (see image above). He has been successfully fighting clients’ cases for over 42 years.

Both Mr. Head and Partner Larry Kohn are listed with Best Lawyers in America. See image below for the years that each (respectively) has been so named.

Best Lawyers Atlanta

Many Georgia criminal defense attorneys encourage their clients to take the first plea bargain that comes along. These criminal lawyers in Atlanta are simply not willing to put in the work required to truly help their clients in their time of need.

At the Georgia law firm of Kohn & Yager, we never take a case with the idea that it is going to be pled out to a guilty charge. As mentioned at the outset of this Page, our criminal defense attorneys just don’t do this, since it besmirches our reputation as fighters. Our Georgia criminal law firm is committed to providing our clients with the best outcome possible in their criminal cases and will refuse to accept anything less from your Prosecutor.

If you are facing a criminal accusation and don’t know what to do next, contact our law office today at 404-567-5515 to schedule a FREE, confidential attorney review of your pending case. The lawyer consultation is FREE. When you need a 24-hour lawyer Atlanta, our crime attorneys are here.

Recent GA Criminal Case Wins and Client Reviews

Our Atlanta DUI Defense and Criminal Law Attorneys Offer Payment Plans and a FREE Case Review

Our GA criminal defense firm offers a range of fee levels, as well as flexible payment plans to suit your budget. Our FREE lawyer consultation can be scheduled in-person or over the phone with Larry, Cory, or Bubba.

What our clients have to say about us is more important than anything we say about ourselves. Read through our clients’ Atlanta lawyer reviews, testimonials, and case wins. Then call our Atlanta Georgia attorneys at (404) 567-5515 anytime day, night, and weekends.

Send us some basic information about your pending case and we will call you back quickly.

Being Charged with a Crime Is Not the Same as Being Convicted!

Despite how you may feel, being accused of a crime is not the same thing as being convicted. Georgia criminal defense attorneys Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, and William Head have helped thousands of worried clients who felt that their case was hopeless – that the State’s evidence against them was overwhelming and could not be challenged.

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Where can I find information on the Georgia DUI Laws?: and OCGA 40-6-391

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