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By: Cory Yager, DUI lawyer Atlanta, and an Ex-cop turned Georgia DUI attorney, with offices in Fulton County and Cobb County
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Most people arrested in metro Atlanta for DUI in Georgia are first offenders, meaning that this is a DUI first offense in his or her lifetime. Being handcuffed, jailed, deprived of the use of a phone, and then posting bond is the start of a potential legal nightmare for these first-time DUI offenders.
Jailers often treat prisoners like 3rd class citizens. This harsh experience leaves many people sleepless for days or even weeks after their Georgia DUI arrests. Many clients report noticing a lack of appetite and that their enjoyment of life has been disrupted by the events following the criminal charges. 

Wondering what the DUI penalties are after a DUI conviction, many initially search for DUI consequences. Next, they Google phrases targeted on advice about their chances of beating a DUI in GA. In this search effort, many start investigating DUI lawyers near me with top DUI lawyer ratings.

Some citizens (after being cuffed) ask to speak to a lawyer for DUI but are told they have no right to legal counsel. Plus, in GA, you are not advised about Miranda rights in a typical DUI arrest. Yet in North Carolina, you are Mirandized after a DUI-DWI arrest and allowed 30 minutes to use the phone in PRIVACY before taking a breath alcohol test.

Being charged with driving under the influence is a jarring experience. With about 16,000 Georgia arrests for impaired driving in 2017, most alleged drunk drivers are licensed to drive in Georgia. Over 85% are arrested between Thursday night and Monday morning, or on a holiday. Most DUI arrests in Georgia occur between the hours of 10 PM and 4 AM.

William C. Head and his two partners, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, annually handle in excess of 100 new cases. With over 80 years of combined criminal law experience, this law firm is focused on getting consistent, excellent results, in EVERY case.

Many clients are referred by their criminal defense lawyer friends from other states. But most are referred by prior clients for whose cases our DUI defense attorneys kept from being convicted on a DUI in Georgia.

GA DUI Lawyers in Atlanta
A seasoned trial lawyer and book author on Georgia DUI laws with over 44 years of experience, Mr. Head is renowned across the United States as an authority on criminal defense and criminal trial practice. In 1973, he earned his bachelor’s degree in history (with honors) from the University of Georgia before going on to receive his law degree from UGA’s School of Law in 1976.
Mr. Head remains active within several professional legal organizations, including the National College for DUI Defense, which he co-founded. He is a Life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( as well as being a Life Member in the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( Mr. Head is also a member of:

  • The American Trial Lawyers Association
  • The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)
  • IACT – International Association for Chemical Testing
  • The Atlanta Bar Association
  • The Cobb County Bar Association

Atlanta GA Super Lawyers

The DUI Lawyer Who Wrote the BOOK “How to Beat a DUI”

William C. “Bubba” Head, an Atlanta DUI Attorney, wrote the book on how to beat a DUI in 1991. An image of the front cover of that first drunk driving book, 101 Ways to AVOID a Drunk Driving Conviction, is shown above.

When citizens facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges come to see our DUI attorneys, they have many questions. Some of the most common questions are “How to get out of a DUI?”, “How to get my license back after DUI?” or “Can you get a DUI expunged?”

DUI Lawyer Bubba Head
FOUR helpful YouTube clips (by Atlanta DUI lawyer Bubba Head) are hyperlinked below. These were made to educate citizens on how to protect their legal rights. 
Plus, Georgia’s top DUI legal advocate explains how law enforcement officers either trick you or verbally coerce you into participating in NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) standardized field sobriety tests (SFST).

CLICK: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

Many people immediately search for a criminal defense attorney Atlanta, to get information from a local, experienced law firm about fighting a drunk driving case in GA. But, just like a search for a surgeon, looking at law firms near me is NOT a trustworthy criterion for selecting the best lawyer (or surgeon). Geographic location is a low priority compared to isolating on the best DUI attorneys near me.

What Happens When You Get a DUI?

Most get invasive jail mail that is generated by a person using a computer to capture the names and addresses of people arrested for serious traffic tickets. This category of “serious” motor vehicle crimes includes GA DUI, reckless driving GA, hit and run GA, attempting to elude an officer in Georgia and racing.

This web page focuses on legal practice attorney ratings organizations that are LEGITIMATE, to help you sort through invasive mail solicitations arriving in your mailbox and get INFORMATION about criminal attorneys near me. For certain, these “jail mail” attorneys should be avoided by answering this question: Would you hire a surgeon who solicited you via a mailer to operate on you or a loved one?

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Implied Consent Issues: The Post-Arrest Breathalyzer Refusal or Alcohol Breath Test?

This year, about half of the people obtaining a FREE lawyer consultation with a DUI defense lawyer at our law office are charged with a breathalyzer refusal. They have had their driver’s license taken from them for allegedly refusing the Georgia implied consent law chemical test. 

Many are confused when asked this question after being arrested. They are so shocked to have been arrested that many do not even recall what the “warning” was that was given by police.

Save your Driver License

Our GA DUI attorneys explain to clients that there are TWO separate legal actions that are triggered by a GA DUI, one administrative (implied consent) and one criminal (misdemeanor or felony DUI). The administrative license suspension has a short, 30-day window to act, or you are too late to avoid loss of license.

After their arrest for driving under the influence, those facing arrests in Atlanta metro counties can’t understand what they need to do. The administrative suspension that occurs, by operation of law (Georgia Implied Consent laws), goes into effect unless the accused driver acts to save the ability to drive. 

Since our FREE consultation covers this issue, get the assistance of a skilled DUI lawyer in Georgia on this requirement. Our partners will explain how and when you should act, by filing (a) an appeal OR helping the client sign up for the one-year interlock option. 

Our law office handles BOTH legal problems for FLAT FEES (not hourly). HINT: Do not simply default to the ignition interlock option, since fewer than 1 in 20 of our clients must use this method to keep driving.

From Athens to Atlanta: Felony vs Misdemeanor Criminal Defense in Georgia

Among lawyers for DUI defense, the litigation skills that Bubba Head has developed in winning complex criminal cases originally became newsworthy in the Athens, GA area starting in 1976. Then (as now) alcohol-related crimes and drug offenses were his strong suit. Mr. Head relocated to Atlanta Georgia in 1991.

Plus, for the first 30 years of his career, misdemeanor DUI defense was his primary law practice area. Later in his career, vehicular homicide GA felony cases and serious injury by vehicle felonies now comprise about half of his criminal caseload. These Georgia felonies carry up to 15 years in state prison, per serious injury or death. 

During his early years of his law practice as an Athens DUI Lawyer, Mr. Head handled felony or misdemeanor cases of all types, including murder, burglary, aggravated assault, domestic violence, shoplifting, child abandonment, and drug possession. Over time, the demand for criminal defense of driving under the influence cases caused Mr. Head to hire others to handle most non-DUI cases.

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Your initial legal advice and DUI case review is FREE and can be conducted in person or over the phone. When other attorneys hesitate to fight to win the extremely difficult cases, Bubba Head and his law partners welcome the TOUGHEST DUI cases.


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