Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

Finding the Best Criminal Law Firm for a Cobb County Court Case

If you have recently been arrested in Cobb County, and are facing criminal charges, such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI Alcohol or DUI Drugs,) the arrest is only the beginning of a long and exhausting process. This article explains why hiring an attorney to guide your path and FIND SOLUTIONS is the only smart choice.

Cobb County Attorney

A Cobb County arrest is NOT a conviction. Our task, if you hire a member of our law office, is to find the flaws and problems with the police evidence. With this proof, we can help our client avoid a lifetime of harsh penalties through negotiation, use of pretrial motions, and by going to trial when necessary. At, our award-winning DUI attorneys are the pathfinders through this uncertain situation.

When Should I Contact a Law Firm Regarding My Cobb County State Court or Superior Court Case?

Hiring a lawyer early in the case can be critical. Important evidence in some cases can be lost if you wait to speak to an attorney. This is particularly true in accident cases in which cars are sold to junkyards and not able to be evaluated or the EDR (electronic data recorder) information lost.

Cobb County Court Ga Arrest

Plus, under Georgia implied consent laws MOST clients had their plastic license taken from them. It was replaced by a GA DDS 1205 Form. A 30-day DEADLINE may be running. These accused citizens are at risk of LOSING their driver’s license if they fail to ACT by appealing an administrative suspension or opting for the ignition interlock device option under OCGA 40-5-64.1.

GA 1205 DDS Form

You have the right to walk into your arraignment and enter a plea of guilty. You also have the right to ask the court for a public defender. Only you can weigh all the pros and cons of going this route. But before you make your final decision, please call us and let us meet with you for a FREE consultation.

You can’t afford to go through the legal process without having an experienced defense attorney on your side. Our Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyers are available 24/7. Call one of our three law partners as soon as you can so that our staff can schedule your initial consultation.

Our Law Firm’s Busiest Cobb County Courts

In both Cobb County State Court (which serves as a Cobb County traffic court for misdemeanor traffic violations) and Cobb County Superior Court (the felony-jurisdiction court for any first-degree vehicular homicide charges), you will be dealing with one of the most efficient courts in the United States.

Cobb County Court

In State Court (image showed above), a different Cobb County clerk processes misdemeanor court calendars cand scheduling of criminal cases. Using your case number, you may obtain information regarding open or pending civil, traffic and misdemeanor cases filed in the State Court of Cobb County via CourtConnect’s case search website. Search results provide the case description, the court date and time, the courtroom, the location, and the presiding Judge. Our Cobb County criminal defense law office collectively represents hundreds of clients in these two court systems each year.

Clerk of Courts Cobb County GA

Cobb State Court Clerk Angie Davis and Chief Assistant Robin Bishop

The buildings for each Cobb Courthouse are about 300 yards apart in downtown Marietta GA. State Court is located at 12 East Park Square, Marietta, GA 30090. Call (770) 528-1200 for this court clerk’s office information.

Superior Court Cobb County

For felonies, the county Clerk of Superior Court (image of the exterior shown above) oversees court notices for the various superior court offices but is also where all real estate deed records are housed. The new Superior Court is located at 70 Haynes St, Marietta, GA 30090. Call (770) 528-1800 to reach Rebecca Keaton, Clerk of Superior Court or visit the Superior Court’s new record management website for information pertaining to Court Records.

All three of our Super Lawyers are highly trained in police procedures and are experts at uncovering errors that can lead to a reduction in charges or an acquittal. Each of our highly rated Cobb County lawyers have years of experience in all phases of a criminal proceeding, from arraignment to final plea. Plus, all three are published legal writers in national law books.

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Our criminal defense attorneys provide our clients with the best representation by knowing all aspects of criminal procedure and courtroom evidence. Our criminal defense attorneys collectively have decades of experience in each Cobb County court jurisdiction and the various players within the Cobb court system.

What is the Pretrial Diversion Program in Cobb County?

The Pretrial Diversion Program is an alternative prosecution for first-time offenders.  Acceptance and eligibility into the program generally include consideration of the following factors:

  1. The person’s prior arrests/arrest record;  
  2. The nature of the crime, which usually applies to most non-violent crimes that have no injured victims or some family violence crimes; and
  3. Whether a prior diversion or conditional discharge has been utilized.

Following acceptance into the program, the offender must sign a plea agreement (contract) and their acceptance to an alternative sentencing program is contingent on a supervised course of counseling and cognitive therapy meant to change behavior. This typically includes ongoing education, performing community service hours, being subjected to drug screening and regular counseling sessions.  

This program is designed to benefit the participant as well as the Cobb County criminal justice system.  Once the offender has completed the program, the Judge can dismiss certain charges and seal the record through a process called record restriction.

Other related traffic or minor underlying charges filed at the same time can be dismissed upon successful completion of a court-ordered program. This may include simple possession of marijuana misdemeanor, or a minor in possession of alcohol offense.

Which Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer Should I Hire?

You have three choices when you enter the courtroom for the first time: (a) plead guilty or no contest, (b) ask the court to appoint a public defender, or (c) enter court with a skilled, experienced Georgia DUI attorney who is familiar with what it takes to beat a Georgia criminal charge. Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, or Bubba Head will appear in court with you and enter a plea on your behalf.

Cory Yager, Cobb County Criminal Defense Attorney ga

Cory Yager was a Cobb County law enforcement officer for five years before he transferred to the Roswell Police Department and continued serving for nearly another five years while finishing law school. Despite working the whole time, he was able to graduate 2nd highest in his class.

During his service, he made nearly 1,000 DUI arrests, became NHTSA trained police officer for field sobriety test administration and was a field training officer. Mr. Yager’s years of experience as a law-enforcement officer provide him with a keen insight on how to dismantle the State’s case or refute some aspect of the police officer’s testimony.

Larry Kohn, Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Larry Kohn, also NHTSA-certified to instruct on field sobriety testing, has spoken at numerous statewide DUI law programs for prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges. Mr. Kohn also worked for William C. Head as a law clerk during his two final years of law school before passing the Georgia Bar and joining his law firm more than 20 years ago.

Our criminal lawyers near me value our strong client relationships. Let one of our lawyers fight on your behalf. Call us at (404) 567-5515. Our attorneys will sit down with you for a FREE lawyer consultation near me, listen to what happened, and go over our fees and a payment plan.

In his 43-year legal career, Bubba Head has authored or co-authored over a dozen books and has spoken at hundreds of legal seminars on a wide variety of topics. Together, these pre-eminent criminal defense attorneys stand head and shoulders above all other attorneys in the state of Georgia.

Our criminal lawyers near me value our strong client relationships. Let one of our lawyers fight on your behalf. Call us at (404) 567-5515. Our attorneys will sit down with you for a FREE lawyer consultation near me, listen to what happened, and go over our fees and a payment plan.

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Our Georgia lawyers have 4 office locations in Marietta (Cobb County), and Fulton County in Alpharetta, Sandy Springs and downtown Atlanta. Our Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Available 24/7. CALL now to learn how our attorneys in Georgia approach winning criminal cases.

For more information on Cobb County Courts and their jurisdiction, click the links below. To obtain any information regarding your case in Cobb County, you may contact the corresponding Clerk of Court or search online using your name or case number.

Cobb County State Court – The State Court of Cobb County tries criminal cases below the felony grade, including misdemeanor traffic tickets and violations. The Clerk of State Court website provides information on the Daily Court Calendar, Judicial Records and more. 

Cobb County Magistrate Court – The Magistrate Court of Cobb County handles both civil and criminal cases, this court has the responsibility of issuing arrest warrants in the criminal division. 

Cobb County Juvenile Court – The Juvenile Court of Cobb County hears all cases involving children under the age of seventeen that involve delinquency, traffic violations, and other types.

Cobb County Superior Court – This Superior Court handles various types of cases, such as murder, divorce, and title to land. Click the following links to learn case-specific details and information on the ten presiding Superior Court Judges.

Cobb County Probate Court – The Probate Court issues Marriage License and Weapons Carry Licence, administer estates and wills, and oversees guardianship appointments.

Additional Cobb County resources and websites:

For easy, affordable and quick access to arrest records, criminal records, and public records, click HERE.

Government-related information, including employment opportunities, is located on Cobb County’s website:


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