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A good Cobb County criminal lawyer appears in Cobb County State Court every week, representing their relieved clients as they face serious criminal charges including:

The best Cobb County lawyers know the court system inside and out. They have worked with most of the prosecutors and all of the judges, and have earned the respect of everyone in the courtroom. If you have never had contact with the Cobb County courts, the whole experience can be overwhelming and frightening at times. You will see a lot of police officers, prosecutors, public defenders, and court clerks moving around and getting ready for court to begin.

You also will notice that the vast majority of defendants do not have a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer at their side. This is because most people think they do not need an attorney, and choose to enter a plea of guilty and accept their “punishment.”

Do I Need a Cobb County Criminal Lawyer?

You have 3 choices when you enter the courtroom for the first time: plead guilty or no contest, ask the court to appoint a public defender, or enter court with an experienced attorney who is very familiar with what it takes to beat a Georgia criminal charge. Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, or Bubba Head will appear in court with you, and enter a plea of not guilty. Then the fight really begins. A Cobb County arrest is not a conviction! A lot can be done to avoid a lifetime of harsh penalties.

Our attorneys will sit down with you for a free case assessment, listen to what happened, and go over our fees and manageable payment plans. If you decide to hire another Cobb County criminal defense firm, the time you spent with us will have been well worth it because you will know a lot more about how to beat a criminal charge.

The truth is that most citizens facing criminal charges in Marietta Municipal Court or Cobb County State Court choose to represent themselves, or ask the judge to appoint a public defender. The reason people make this decision is because either they think the prosecutor has an airtight case against them, or they don’t compare all the costs of a conviction versus the total investment in a top Georgia criminal attorney.

You have the right to walk into your first court date, called an arraignment, and enter a plea of guilty. You also have the right to ask the court for a public defender. Only you can weigh all the pros and cons of going this route. But before you make your final decision, please call us and let us meet with you for a free consultation.

Our Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Available 24/7

Call Larry, Cory, or Bubba as soon as you can so we can schedule an initial discussion with you. All 3 of our Super Lawyers are highly-trained in police procedures, and are experts at uncovering errors that can lead to a reduction in charges, or an acquittal. Each of our highly-rated Cobb County lawyers have years of experience in all phases of a criminal proceeding, from arraignment to final plea.

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