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Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Cohen & Cohen is a family operated law firm in business since 1983. With over 37 years of industry experience and a settlement rate of 95%, Thomas L. Cohen is a highly successful car accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

How much does a car accident lawyer cost?

Accident attorneys, in general, follow the contingency fee payment structure. You may not have to pay anything to your law firm or lawyer until you recover monetary compensation in your case. The percentage charged by accident lawyers ranges from 25 to 40%, on average. However, if your case settles even before your case goes to court, in such cases, your lawyer may reduce his fee percentage.

On the contrary, if you receive your settlement after fighting your case in trial, your attorney may increase his percentage to up to 40%. Be sure to read through your lawyers’ contract before signing it. Some accident lawyers pay for all upfront costs and get reimbursed once you receive your monetary compensation. Mr. Cohen is a considerate and affordable car accident lawyer in Los Angeles that charges a minimal fee for his services.

Services offered by an accident lawyer

A car accident lawyer can explain to you the legal aspects of a case and your rights as the plaintiff or defendant. He can walk you through the entire process of a car accident case, the legal procedures involved, the costs involved, etc. He may also assist you with complicated paperwork and advise you on what to say in front of a judge and the insurance company.

Furthermore, your car accident attorney will represent your case if your case goes for a trial. Accident attorneys also use their investigators to collect valid evidence relating to your case and interview your witnesses. A skilled accident lawyer will develop theories about the occurrence of the accident and help you win compensation in a short time.

Circumstances when you need to hire an accident lawyer

If you choose to claim for damages for an accident, you may or may not choose to hire an accident lawyer to fight for your case. However, hiring an accident lawyer may be crucial in the following instances:

  • Your claim gets denied - When the opposite party is the reason for the occurrence of an accident, but their insurer denies to take responsibility. In these cases, you need a lawyer to negotiate with the defendant's insurer and get reasonable compensation for your damages.
  • You get an offer for settlement - Your defendant's insurance company may try to get rid of the case quickly by convincing you to accept a small compensation. Consulting with a car accident lawyer can help you understand your rightful damages and compensation. They may negotiate on your behalf to help you get what is rightfully yours.

Speak to one of us at Cohen & Cohen to help you with your case. Our highly experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can protect your interests and help you win a decent compensation.

Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

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