Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Lawyers Near Me

Criminal Lawyers Near Me

Criminal Defense Matters is a top criminal defense law firm with the best criminal lawyers in Marietta. Our criminal lawyers in Marietta, GA, Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, and William Head are some of the highly sought after attorneys with a successful track record and several years of legal experience.

Can my attorney ask for an alternative sentence?

The best Marietta GA criminal defense attorneys can request a lesser sentence to the prosecutor during a plea bargain. If the plea bargain doesn't help, a skilled attorney will quote numerous factual circumstances to the judge and will convince the judge to impose a lighter sentence during a trial.

An attorney can help you in getting your sentences suspended or reduce the sentence to probation, restitution (victim compensation), or community service. If you are facing false charges, a skilled attorney can dismiss your charges and shield you against harsh sentences or penalties.

What's the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

If the imprisonment for your crime is longer than a year, it is a felony. If the potential imprisonment for your charge is less than a year, the crime becomes a misdemeanor. Some crimes are called "wobblers," which means that the crime can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending upon what the prosecutor chooses to charge.

In some cases, the legislatures can label a minor punishment like a fine or traffic ticket as a misdemeanor. For more details on if whether your conviction or crime falls under a felony or misdemeanor, speak to one of the skilled Marietta, GA, criminal defense attorneys.

Our step by step process in handling a criminal case

Our criminal defense lawyer in Marietta, GA, Larry Kohn follows a step by step process while handling a criminal case to ensure the best outcome for his clients. Here is how our leading attorney handles a criminal case:

  • Help with arraignment - After your arrest, you will have an arraignment where you will appear in court and enter a plea. Our attorney will analyze your case and help you in entering a plea.
  • Pretrial detention and bail - In case you require a bail, our attorney can help you get one by taking care of all the paperwork and legal processes.
  • Plea bargaining - Our defense attorney will negotiate better plea bargain terms with the prosecutor using his cordial ties and network connection.
  • Build a strong defense strategy - Our attorney will hire private investigators to gather evidence and use his team of paralegals and assistants to build a strong defense. Our attorney will also take care of reviewing the investigation process, scrutinizing eyewitnesses' accounts, and prep you for the trial.
  • Trial - If plea bargaining doesn't work, our attorney will represent you in court in front of a judge and jury and try to sway them to provide you with a reduced sentence.

Schedule a consultation with our criminal lawyers in Marietta, GA. Criminal Defense Matters is one of the highly acclaimed law firms in Georgia with highly talented criminal defense lawyers. Call (770) 629-9614 to reach our Alpharetta office and (770) 629-8620 to reach our Marietta office.

Criminal Lawyers Near Me
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Criminal Lawyers Near Me
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