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High Asset Divorce Broward County

High Asset Divorce Broward County

Scott J. Brooks is an expert attorney specializing in high asset divorce in Broward County. Our attorney protects our clients' rights and interests in a divorce settlement, ensuring a favorable outcome.

How will a high asset divorce lawyer help you?

Divorce lawyers can help you reach an agreement with your spouse in a shorter duration and protect your interests. While filing for divorce can take a toll on your mental health, the attorney can reduce your stress by taking care of the legal aspects and helping you think clearly.

Marital attorneys are experts at educating you about your rights and help you receive a fair share in a divorce. They will make sure that your spouse's attorney does not take you for granted. Besides, a divorce attorney can help you fill out all the legal forms, answer your questions and concerns, and ensure a smooth divorce process.

How do I file for divorce in Florida?

If you live in Florida, you have two ways you can proceed with a divorce. You may either hire an attorney or handle your divorce on your own. However, if you wish to represent yourself, you must have a thorough understanding of Florida's family law requirements to prevent hefty fines and delays in your case. On the other hand, hiring one of the Florida high asset divorce attorneys may help you receive a quick resolution and save you from a ton of stress. Here are the steps involved in filing a divorce in Florida:

  1. Preparing divorce forms - You must collect all the necessary forms from Florida's Family Law Self-Help Center and fill them up to file for divorce. You need to get different forms if you have children.
  2. Legal requirements - You or your spouse must have lived in Florida for at least six months before filing for divorce. Also, you can only file for divorce in the county where you live. You must check with your court clerk about your county rules as you may have to file additional forms.
  3. No-Fault divorce - While you do not have to prove that your spouse has engaged in misconduct, you must list all the issues that you want resolving in your petition like division of assets and debts, child custody, children support, alimony, etc.

Once your documents are ready, you will give your signed and notarized petition to the clerk along with a filing fee. Several legal procedures follow after you file your petition in a Florida circuit court. Consult a high net worth divorce attorney to learn about these and other steps and legal procedures.

Am I eligible for Alimony in Florida?

You are eligible for permanent alimony if your marriage lasted for 17 years or longer. However, there is no minimum amount of time you need to be married to receive alimony. The judge may require your spouse to pay alimony if the court finds that you were financially dependent on your husband/wife during the marriage.

Our leading attorney in Broward County offers a free consultation. Call us at 954-757-5551 to meet with our attorney, Scott J. Brooks, P.A. We help individuals get through high asset divorce in Broward County with our unsurpassed legal representation and negotiation skills. Get in touch with us today.

High Asset Divorce Broward County
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High Asset Divorce Broward County
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