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Driving under the influence is an offense in all states in the US. Breaking these laws will land you in case. Lacking legal experience will place you at a disadvantage when the details of the case are more than a minor DUI offense. Hiring an attorney will work every aspect of your case and assure a better outcome.

A competent defense attorney will have experience in handling DUI cases in the state. Our Las Vegas attorney has negotiated plea bargains and prevented loss of licenses by manipulating the legalities of the case. How can you be sure of the attorney’s competence before going forth with the situation? Ask the following questions during the free consultation period:

  • How long have you been handling DUI charges?
  • How many DUI cases do you handle in one year?
  • Is it common to negotiate pleas?
  • How often do you take DUI cases to trial?
  • What happens if there are other charges in the DUI arrest?

When should you hire a Las Vegas DUI attorney?

Subsequent DUI

The first DUI case will not attract severe punishment. The driver will also have easy access to plea bargains. It is common for most people to represent themselves in the first DUI case.

A second or third case is different because the court believes that you are in serious violation of the law because of not taking heed the first time. The judge will not show the same sympathy for a multiple-time offender. You need an attorney with ima good reputation to balance out the charges.

A public attorney will not have the same passion of representing you as the private Garrett T. Ogata law office. It is easy to pursue and acquire a plea when you have an enthusiastic lawyer beside you.

Other problems e

It is not unheard of for one you to walk away from a DUI case without any charges. A competent attorney will document your narration of the event and find legal loopholes to exempt you from a hearing. Common problems with a DUI arrest include not receiving your rights of arrest or taking a sobriety test when you were not under the influence.

Other problems of a DUI include the occurrence of additional crimes related to the DUI. You may have injured a pedestrian or damaged property. The police may state that you resisted arrest and posed a danger to the public. The attorney’s job is to prioritize your advantage and unhook you from all implications with no or minimal punishment.  

Possible suspension of the license

Suspended licenses are very common. The effect is life-altering and will rearrange your life for a long time. An occupational license is not always a guarantee, hence getting professional representation will minimize the possibility of losing the license.

Negotiate the plea

A plea bargain means that the offender will plead guilty to the charges, in exchange of reduced sentences. Getting an attorney on your team will give you better deals. Our Las Vegas DUI attorney knows all the possible directions a case could take and will work to provide you with an advance agreement.


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