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Marijuana laws can be difficult to understand and interpret, especially since laws can and do vary from state to state. You may have heard a lot of conflicting information in recent years about the legality of marijuana; with more and more states legalizing cannabis, you probably wonder about your rights under Texas law. The fact is, marijuana is still illegal in the state of Texas; what’s worse, it’s considered a hard drug. If you’re facing charges related to cannabis use, purchase, or distribution, call the state’s best marijuana attorney in Fort Worth at Cole Paschall Law.

5 Reasons You Need Quality Legal Defense For Marijuana Charges

1. If you’re new to Texas, you might not have known about our state’s cannabis laws. While ignorance is not a defense, hiring our Fort Worth criminal attorneys to fight your marijuana charges can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Moving across state lines can be difficult, at best; if you moved here from a state where marijuana was legal, we can put together a strong defense on your behalf.

2. As more states join forces to legalize cannabis, American citizens are starting to see that enforcing stern penalties and fines for marijuana use is not the solution. Securing a reputable Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer is your best defense against cannabis charges, especially if you use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Regardless of the details of your situation, our Texas criminal lawyers can help mitigate fines and help you avoid jail time.

3. On your own, you’ll most likely end up paying maximum fines and possibly spending some time in jail for breaking the law. The best defense lawyers from Cole Paschall Law can take over your defense for you, so you won’t need to worry about what you’ll say to the judge or how you’ll represent yourself in court. Most criminal defense attorneys are expensive; at Cole Paschall Law, our fees are more reasonable compared with other law firms.

4. Although there is a huge movement in Texas to decriminalize marijuana use, especially among patients who use it for managing pain and medical conditions, it is still a controlled substance. If you’ve violated cannabis laws, working with an attorney can prove to be your best chance at having your charges dismissed or minimized.

5. If it’s your first offense with marijuana, a judge is more apt to give you a second chance after hearing your story told by an experienced marijuana attorney in Fort Worth. Our team at Cole Paschall Law has a lot of expertise in this area; leave your defense in our capable hands if you’re dealing with charges related to cannabis use.

Whatever your circumstances, you’ll benefit from free legal advice and a no-cost consultation on the phone with our attorneys from Cole Paschall Law. Contact our office day or night at 817-477-4100. If you need help negotiating bail, we provide jail release as a service to our clients; don’t hesitate to contact us, even after hours.

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