Criminal Defense Matters

Criminal Defense Matters

After an arrest, the information you receive from this website, or a related account on Twitter, Facebook or a YouTube video download are NOT legal advice. Nor are our image resources, infographics, charts or blog postings to be considered by people in legal trouble as a legal service or form of legal advice for any specific case.

Online site content and FAQs are merely general information, and are not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.  You are well advised to consult an attorney and receive customized legal advice regarding when and how you were charged, which offenses you are facing, and what immediate action is required to be taken.

Plus, after you fill out our client intake forms, which asks dozens of questions about your family, place of employment, prior criminal records, we can give targeted advice. Until a lawyer from our law group can view your paperwork, our legal professionals can’t outline the main protective steps that need to be taken to best shield your rights and driver’s license. individual situations and circumstances.

Our criminal justice lawyers in Atlanta invite you to contact us and welcome your email communication, chat responses, phone calls, letters and electronic mail. Our law group maintains a strict privacy policy, and (if you don’t hire us) we shred your paperwork. Contacting us (through any communication method) does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Please do not send any confidential information or legally protected health records to us until such time as an attorney-client legal service relationship has been established. At that time, you and your attorney will sign an agreement on the terms and conditions of our employment.

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