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Georgia DUI Drugs – Drugged Driving

How Can Police Determine If I Was High While Driving?

Georgia DUI Drugs Lawyer

“Drugged driving” means controlling a motor vehicle while under the influence of any drug, intoxicating fumes, or marijuana. Testing blood is inaccurate in determining what drug was taken or when, so Georgia uses “per se” laws, which mandate that it is illegal for a driver to have any drugs in their system.

DUI Drugs Penalties

These are difficult charges, since marijuana can show up in a blood test for a month, or you may be taking a legal prescription. If you are considered to be impaired, you have committed a crime by driving.

  • Operating a vehicle in Georgia equates agreement to blood or urine testing; refusing is a contract violation and your license is automatically suspended. You have ten days to fight this charge.
  • Drugged Driving First Offense: a fine of up to $1,000 and 24 hours in jail, with further jail time of up to a year possible. Community service, probation, and enrollment in a risk reduction program are also likely.
  • Second Offense DUI Drugs: 72 hours in jail, with possible additional time of up to one year; the fine may be up to $1,000. Community service, probation, and mandatory alcohol or drug treatment, as well as a risk reduction program, are likely. Your license may be suspended for up to three years. You could get an ignition interlock device installed on your car.
  • Third DUI Drugged Driving: up to a year in jail, community service, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, and probation. Your license is revoked for five years. An ignition interlock device is likely.
  • Drugs Fourth DUI and after: a felony. Up to five years in prison and fines up to $5,000. You could lose your vehicle permanently.

You Need the Best Drugged Driving Attorney in Atlanta

Because the penalties for a drug-related DUI conviction are so severe, drugged driving charges should not be taken lightly. Do not trust your future to a court-appointed public defender. Call Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, or Bubba Head immediately to go over your case details. Our Atlanta DUI drugs lawyers are on call 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

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