Criminal Defense Attorneys or Lawyers in Fulton County

A good Fulton County criminal lawyer is very familiar with the way Fulton County State Court operates. This court has a separate Criminal Division that oversees misdemeanor crimes committed in Fulton County. The court’s phone number is:

Fulton County State Court
Criminal Division
(404) 613-5085

Fulton County Superior Court Lawyer

Fulton County Court

Fulton County Superior Court also has a Criminal Division, and our criminal defense lawyers know this court just as well as State Court. In both courts, your first court date is called a “first appearance hearing.”

Fulton County criminal lawyer Larry Kohn, his partner Cory Yager or Bubba Head, will appear in your place at this hearing. This means that you don’t have to come all the way to downtown Atlanta and miss work or school.

One of our attorneys will enter a plea of not guilty at your Fulton County arraignment. Fulton County Superior Court has the following court dates:

All Purpose Hearing

Preliminary Hearing (also held at Fulton County Magistrate Court)

Grand Jury

Plea and Arraignment

Pre-Trial Conference

Trial: Jury trial or  bench trial

The overwhelming majority of criminal cases we handle never go to trial. This is because we may be able to favorably negotiate a reduced charge with the prosecutor, and the State does not wish to go to trial without an ironclad case.

Our Fulton County Criminal Lawyers Specialize in These Types of Criminal Cases

  • Assault
  • DUI Alcohol
  • DUI Drugs
  • Gun Cases
  • Traffic Cases
  • Drug Charges
  • Theft Cases
  • Sex Crimes
  • Assault Cases
  • Shoplifting
  • Student Defense

Do I Need a Fulton County Criminal Lawyer?

We know from years of experience that most Fulton County criminal defendants either don’t have a lawyer with them at court, or they were assigned a public defender by the presiding judge. We understand and appreciate these choices. We also want you to know that having a Fulton County lawyer represent you can make a huge difference.

Our attorney fees will be discussed at your free case review, and we will explain how you can take advantage of a manageable payment plan.

The truth is that most citizens facing criminal charges in Fulton County State Court or Superior Court choose to go it alone, or ask the judge to appoint a public defender. The reason people go this route is because either they think the prosecutor has built an airtight case, or they don’t think that a Fulton County attorney is worth the investment.

Our Fulton County Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Available 24/7

Call Larry, Cory, or Bubba now for a FREE consultation, by dialing (404) 567-5515 to get more information on how to beat your Fulton County criminal charge. There are a lot of proven defense strategies available to you, no matter how hopeless you feel your case may be at the moment. Our job is to turn the tide in your favor and diminish the State’s evidence that will be used to try and convict you.

We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Christmas, Fourth of July, Easter, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving.