GA Drug Diversion Program

The GA drug diversion program is designed to reduce recidivism of drug-related crimes and to decrease the number of inmates being sent to Georgia’s overcrowded prisons. Those who qualify for and complete a drug diversion program will be able to avoid the penalties associated with a conviction. If all of the requirements of the program are met, the charges against the accused will be dropped.

Who Qualifies for the Drug Diversion Program?

Drug diversion programs are only available to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements, including:

  • First offenders with no prior felony or misdemeanor charges or convictions
  • No prior participation in any diversion programs
  • Not be facing any other charges

The defense attorney works with the prosecutor and judge in determining whether or not someone should be accepted into the program.

Program Components

Participation in a drug diversion program can be a long and labor-intensive process. Participants must complete counseling, treatment, community service and may also be required to make restitution. The required duration will vary from person to person, depending on the circumstances of his or her case.

Is Drug Diversion Right for You?

If you are a first-offender facing drug charges in Georgia, the drug diversion program may be a viable option in your case. To learn more and to explore all of your options, schedule a free and confidential case review with the attorneys at Kohn & Yager today.

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