Drug Possession Lawyer in Atlanta

Under Georgia law, you can be charged with possession of a controlled substance if an illegal or illicit substance is found on your person, in your vehicle or at your residence.

It is important to note that a GA drug possession charge is always a felony in Georgia. However, if you are convicted of possessing less than ounce of marijuana, you will be facing misdemeanor charges.

Penalties for GA Drug Possession

The penalties for drug possession in Georgia vary, depending on a number of factors including:

Penalty Ranges for Drug Possession

  • Marijuana
    • Less than one ounce: misdemeanor; 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine
    • Over one ounce: felony, fines and 1-10 years in prison
  • Schedule I and II Drugs
    • First offense: fines and 2-15 years in prison
    • Second or subsequent offense: fines, 5-30 years in prison
  • Schedule III, IV, and V
    • First offense: fines and 1-5 years in prison
    • Second or subsequent offense: fines and 1-10 years in prison

Drivers License Suspension Penalties

Perhaps one of the more surprising consequences of a drug charge conviction in Georgia is the fact that you will be subject to a mandatory suspension of your drivers license for up to six months. For a second or subsequent offense, your license will be suspended for at least two years.

Serious Drug Crime Defense

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