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GA Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking Laws in Georgia

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Under the law, drug trafficking includes transporting, distributing, making or selling drugs. Trafficking is such a serious offense that the federal government has outlined minimum penalties. Many states, including Georgia, use these as a guideline for sentencing.

Mandatory Minimum Trafficking Penalties

Trafficking charges are triggered by the amount of the substance in question, not necessarily its schedule. For example:

Morphine, opium and heroin:

    • More than four grams but less than 14: five years
    • 14-28 grams: at least 10 years
    • More than 28 grams: 25 years

Methamphetamine and amphetamine:

    • 28-200 grams: 10 years
    • 200-400 grams: 15 years
    • Over 400 grams: 25 years


  • 10 pounds to 2,000 pounds: five years
  • 2,000 to 10,000 pounds: seven years
  • 10,000 pounds or more: 15 years


  • 28 grams to 200 grams: 10 years
  • 200 grams to 400 grams: 15 years
  • Over 400 grams: 25 years

Enhanced Penalties

Penalties for drug trafficking can be enhanced under the following circumstances:

  • Selling or distributing near a school
  • The type of drugs (Schedule I or II may result in higher penalties)
  • Transporting controlled substances across state lines
  • Carrying a controlled substance in any amount on an airplane

Serious Charges Need a Serious Defense

Drug trafficking is the most serious drug-related charge you can face in the state of Georgia. And because it is a felony, this penalties for this offense will follow you for years after you have completed your prison sentence and paid the fines associated with your conviction.

Do not attempt to handle a drug trafficking case on your own.