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If Arrested, what are the Penalties for DUI in Georgia?

While 80% of all DUI arrests in Georgia are for a 1st offense, those facing a potential DUI second offense or 3rd DUI in GA need quick information about their potential downside risk. The chart set forth below covers all offenses of Georgia’s impaired driving law and is the best quick overview for analyzing your statutory punishments for this misdemeanor traffic violation, if convicted. More notes and details follow this chart on DUI laws in the Peach State but start here to gauge what repercussions and consequences a repeat offense can bring, upon being convicted.

Every DUI conviction, whether a first lifetime DUI, 2nd DUI in GA or any other repeat offender, has mandatory minimum punishments that are required to be imposed, if convicted of and officer under OCGA 40-6-391. Violation of this criminal law triggers DUI penalties. This includes fines and surcharges ranging from $300 to $10,000, DUI school (called risk reduction), drivers license suspension (or revocation for a third DUI or fourth DUI within 5 years), evaluation by a licensed professional counselor for alcohol or drug dependency (and, if indicated, submission to treatment or substance abuse counseling), mandatory probation for any part of your sentencing that is not served behind bars, up to 480 hours community service.

GA DUI Penalties Chart

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