Georgia Substance Abuse by a Parent

Substance Abuse by a Parent

Understanding the Charges

We usually think of striking a child as abuse. But a different type of child abuse or neglect occurs when one or both parents create an unsafe environment for their children – including unborn children – by:

  • Using illegal drugs, abusing alcohol or selling drugs from the home
  • Manufacturing drugs in the home or in the presence of a child
  • Exposing the child to chemicals used to make drugs or having illegal drugs in the home
  • Giving alcohol or drugs to a minor, selling drugs to a child, or giving them drugs to sell

DFCS Involvement

Any of these behaviors create an unsafe environment for children and can lead to neglect, dangerous situations, or direct harm to the children. If you are arrested for drugs, the police will likely report this to the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS). DFCS will conduct an investigation to decide if there is evidence to support that the above behaviors occurred, and will determine if the charges should be filed.


The crimes outlined above are typically charged as felonies, and you can be imprisoned for two to15 years if convicted. If the child is injured during the course of your committing this crime, the penalty could be five to 20 years.

Get Professional Help Immediately

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