Juvenile Substance Abuse in Georgia

What is Juvenile Substance Abuse?

Juvenile Substance Abuse GA

Some teenagers may experiment with drugs. While marijuana is one of the most commonly used substances, teens and adolescents may have access to other illegal drugs, take their parents’ medications illegally, or inhale household chemicals.

Parents may be held responsible for their underage children’s behavior, and your child is not considered an adult until they are 17 years of age.

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How is it My Fault?

As a parent, you can be held liable for your children’s drug use if it can be proven that you knew your child took drugs and did not take appropriate steps to help. Do not ignore it if you suspect drug use! If you find drugs, you must destroy them or give them to the police unless you want to face possession charges. If you smoke cannabis or take drugs in the home, that is child abuse.


  • If under 17, a first offense may bring no more than a warning.
  • Between ages 10 and 17, Youth Court is a possibility.
  • Parents who allow drugs to be used or who use drugs in the home may lose custody of their children and face other charges.

Get an Attorney

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