Schedule I Controlled Substances in GA | Drug List

What Are Schedule I Drugs in Georgia?

Schedule I Controlled Substances

Schedule I controlled substances are the most serious classification of controlled substances, which are considered to be highly addictive and have no medical use.

Drugs are classified on one of of four lists: Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III, or Schedule IV.

In Georgia, the Schedule I list includes marijuana. Other Schedule I drugs include heroin, ecstasy, and LSD.

Penalties for Schedule I Drug Possession in Georgia

The penalties for possessing a Schedule I drug could ruin your life: You could spend time in jail, lose your job or property, and your license.

  • If you have under an ounce of marijuana in Georgia it is a misdemeanor, but all drug convictions get your license suspended:
    • 6 months for a first offense, a year for a second offense, and after that, 2-year suspensions.
    • Depending on your unique situation, you could pay a fine of up to $1,000 and spend a year in jail.
  • More than an ounce of marijuana jumps to a felony, and the judge can order fines and jail time.

Don’t Let a Drug Charge Ruin Your Life

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