The Truth About Public Defenders in Georgia

If you know someone who was arrested, you may have wondered why he or she hired an attorney. After all, who can really afford a lawyer? Plus, the court will appoint you one free of charge in you cannot afford one. What’s wrong with that? Plenty.

Public defenders received the same training as private attorneys substantial resources, along with paralegals with MLS degrees, to work with you on your case. Many go into public defense because they are young and want broad experience, or  because they have a moral drive to help those who are least able to afford legal help.

However, the biggest problem for public defenders is that they have massive caseloads compared to private attorneys. This means you get less face time. They have less time to prepare for your case, often seeing the paperwork just minutes before your court appearance. They simply do not have time for the details.

How a Private Attorney Can Help You

Private attorneys get new work based largely on their reputation and word-of-mouth. They have more incentive for you to get the best outcome possible. Your private attorney might have 10-50 cases open at once, while a public defender may have as many as 100-200 active cases at any given time.

Private attorneys have more resources to spend on your case; they work more as a team amongst the other attorneys in their practice, while public defenders do not have that luxury.

Even if a private attorney seems expensive, many offer flexible payment plans, which means you can make arrangements to pay your attorney on a schedule that works for you while still getting the defense you need.

Who Should Handle Your Georgia Drug Charge?

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