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Kohn & Yager is a top GA criminal defense law firm staffed by three Super Lawyers: Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, and Bubba Head.

Each of our criminal defense attorneys have received the highest lawyer ratings in the State of Georgia, including top ratings from AVVO, SuperLawyers, and Best Lawyers. Our criminal defence law firm serves these north GA counties:

  • Fulton County
  • Cobb County
  • Gwinnett County
  • DeKalb County
  • Henry County
  • Clarke County
  • Hall County
  • White County
  • Barrow County
  • Oconee County
  • Fannin County

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

We have decades of defence experience representing clients who were charged with:

  • Assault
  • Conspiracy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • DUI Alcohol
  • DUI Drugs
  • Family Violence
  • Gun Offenses
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation
  • Shoplifting
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Student Defense
  • Theft
  • Traffic Offenses

Georgia Criminal Defense Law Firm That Fights For You

Lawrence A. “Larry” Kohn has been winning criminal cases for almost 20 years. His undergraduate degree was awarded by Emory University in Atlanta, and he graduated magna cum laude from Georgia State University’s College of Law with a class rank of 7th out of over 200 students.

Mr. Kohn specializes in DUI alcohol and DUI drugs cases, and has authored books on DUI defense along with law firm partner Bubba Head. Atlanta attorney Larry Kohn works long hours to maximize his clients’ success in the courtroom. He regularly defends his clients in Fulton County State Court, Fulton County Superior Court, Cobb County State Court, Marietta Municipal Court, and DeKalb County State Court.

Mr. Kohn is a compassionate attorney who represents each client as if they were family. He is available to answer your questions every day of the week, and he or his legal staff answer calls 24 hours a day.

Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer Cory YagerCory Yager is one of the most sought-after criminal defense attorneys in the north Georgia area. Atlanta attorney Cory Yager attended John Marshall Law School in downtown Atlanta after serving as a Cobb County police officer. His law enforcement experience, which includes over 1,000 arrests, makes Mr. Yager a skilled cross-examiner in the courtroom, as he relentlessly uncovers errors made by officers before and during an arrest.

These police errors, which are relatively common given the amount of arrests made each day around the Atlanta area, can lead to evidence becoming inadmissible, charges reduced, and cases dismissed.


William “Bubba” Head has had a criminal defense career that spans four decades, and he has represented thousands of relieved clients who faced DUI misdemeanor and DUI felony charges that seemed insurmountable. Atlanta attorney Bubba Head has a reputation for being THE “go to” lawyer when you absolutely must have the best criminal lawyer in Atlanta.

William C. Bubba HeadBecause of Bubba’s vast courtroom experience, he was able to author over 12 books on DUI defense, many which sit in local judges’ personal libraries. This Atlanta criminal lawyer is well-known around the country, and his list of celebrity clientele is long.

Bubba Head treats every client the same – with the utmost respect and compassion.

Our Atlanta criminal defense firm employs one of the best legal staff in the state. Through every phase of your case our paralegals will stay on top of your court dates and give you plenty of notice when you need to appear in court.

Larry, Cory, or Bubba will sit down with you for a free case review, listen to what happened, and go over our fees and available payment plans. We answer our phone 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays.

(404) 982-4405

Larry Kohn – Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer Larry Kohn

Georgia criminal defense attorney Lawrence A. “Larry” Kohn has been practicing criminal defense in the Atlanta metropolitan area for nearly 20 years. After earning his undergraduate degree from Emory University, Mr. Kohn went to work in the finance industry before deciding to enroll in law school.

He attended Georgia State University’s College of Law, and despite working full time as a clerk for William Head through all three years of law school, Mr. Kohn graduated magna cum laude with a class rank of seventh out of over 200 students.

Mr. Kohn has dedicated his career to defending clients accused of all types of criminal offenses, though he places special emphasis on DUI cases. He is an active member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and has spoken at numerous statewide conferences regarding drunk driving issues.

Mr. Kohn has undergone extensive training in blood, breath, and urine testing methods and is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to instruct law enforcement officers in the administration of field sobriety tests. Mr. Kohn has also chaired several DUI trial programs for defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges across the state of Georgia, and he has attended the National College for DUI Defense at Harvard University.

Mr. Kohn is a client-focused attorney who handles each case as if it were his own. He makes himself available through phone calls, text messages and emails, and always responds promptly to clients’ concerns. He has helped hundreds of clients obtain favorable outcomes in their criminal cases, and he is ready go to work for you.

To schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation, contact Attorney Kohn today.

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The Truth About Public Defenders in Georgia

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you know someone who was arrested, you may have wondered why he or she hired an attorney. After all, who can really afford a lawyer? Plus, the court will appoint you one free of charge in you cannot afford one. What’s wrong with that? Plenty.

Public defenders received the same training as private attorneys substantial resources, along with paralegals with MLS degrees, to work with you on your case. Many go into public defense because they are young and want broad experience, or  because they have a moral drive to help those who are least able to afford legal help.

However, the biggest problem for public defenders is that they have massive caseloads compared to private attorneys. This means you get less face time. They have less time to prepare for your case, often seeing the paperwork just minutes before your court appearance. They simply do not have time for the details.

How a Private Attorney Can Help You

Private attorneys get new work based largely on their reputation and word-of-mouth. They have more incentive for you to get the best outcome possible. Your private attorney might have 10-50 cases open at once, while a public defender may have as many as 100-200 active cases at any given time.

Private attorneys have more resources to spend on your case; they work more as a team amongst the other attorneys in their practice, while public defenders do not have that luxury.

Even if a private attorney seems expensive, many offer flexible payment plans, which means you can make arrangements to pay your attorney on a schedule that works for you while still getting the defense you need.

Who Should Handle Your Georgia Drug Charge?

The attorneys of Kohn & Yager are experienced Georgia attorneys who have the resources to help you with your case. We spend the time to dig for details and build the strongest defense possible that may get your sentence reduced or dismissed.

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If you or a loved one is facing a Georgia criminal accusation, contact the attorneys of Kohn & Yager. Our experienced legal team will assist you through this difficult time and work to ensure you receive the best possible outcome in your case.

Protect your future and fight to keep your good name intact by contacting the attorneys at Kohn & Yager today.

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Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Why Hire a Defense Attorney to Handle a Georgia Drug Case?  Can’t I Just Take the Court-Appointed Attorney?

If you are arrested, you will be offered the services of a lawyer if you cannot afford one yourself. These court-appointed attorneys do their best, but their job is to clear the courts. If you are charged with a drug crime, you need an experienced attorney to focus on unique your situation, because every case is different.

Possession of Drugs in Georgia

Since marijuana use is legal in some states, you may think a drug charge is not a big deal in any state. Think again. Conservative states—including Georgia—still prosecute these crimes vigorously. A simple possession or intent to sell charge can mean the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. Many factors affect the severity of the charges.

Penalties for Drug Possession in Georgia

An attorney ensures you get fair treatment. An attorney can ensure that you receive fair treatment and may be able to have the charges reduced or dismissed, depending on the details of your case.  Don’t take the chance that you will be incarcerated, lose your job, or have your car or home confiscated if used in the commission of a drug crime. You have more to lose than you think.

All drug convictions will result in a suspension of your drivers license. Could you manage without driving for six months, a year, or two years? Let an attorney negotiate on your behalf.

When Do I Need an Attorney?

Immediately. The sooner you can get an experienced attorney working on your case, the better your chances are for a favorable outcome. As soon as the arresting officers let you contact an attorney, call (404) 567-5515 for immediate assistance.

Get Experienced Help

Drug crime convictions can ruin your life. Let Kohn & Yager negotiate your case and be by your side to ensure your rights are upheld. Contact us today to schedule a free and confidential review of your case. To schedule your appointment, call or submit our online evaluation form.

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